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Elliptic Twist 3D PC asteroids game
Elliptic Twist gets its name from the large magnetic elliptic tray all action takes place in. It's a 3D shooter action game where player must destroy all objects the Ellipse is a magnet for.
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Sack Sack iphone/ipod puzzle app
Pearl Lands delivers the trills and fun of RTS (Real Time Strategy) you were looking for. Pearl Lands is the very social experiment you were looking to take part for a long time!
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Coin Soccer iphone/ipod soccer app
Miharo Games presents Coin Soccer, the only soccer game played by flicking coins. It’s soccer with an air hockey fun to it.
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Kludge iphone/ipod mastermind puzzle app
KLUDGE is a system that employs your leisure time to hack codes. It is quite puzzling puzzle game engaging your brain cells, challenging your logic and delivering lots of fun.

Enter the world of KLUDGE and grab the spotlight of the greatest hacker!!!

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• Elliptic Twist has arrived! Demo available!
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