About Us

We are Miharo Games LLC.
No long story here: game addicts with some creative skills, who decided to swim in ocean of competitors, and shoot for a small share of voice. We are in it for the fun, experience and possibilities. Our mission is to entertain by delivering good quality, finished and polished product.

Kludge is our fist project under Miharo games, LLC. We give you Elliptic Twist, Sack Sack, Coin Soccer and Kludge. Filled with multi challenge levels, great graphics and extra features that adds to the whole game experience.

We relay on opinions and we make it all count. Let us know what you think about us, abut our games, but most importantly tell us why.

Miharo stands by,
Team Miharo
Orchun Koroglu

Orchun Koroglu

Can do anything attitude. My mantra is “calm down nothing can get worse” but seems like all is going in good direction. I am a devoted entertainer and finally I have acted upon it. These games are our independent projects and I am already foreseeing the future of more of them, more fun and more experience.

I do’s

•   Art Director
•   Game Concept and Development
•   Artwork – game design, game play, user interface
•   Project Management – as I need to look over the rest of the team –   Motivator role
David Ang

Bonny Baez

Energy IN excels more energy OUT. Best of me comes out when around other people as I have my “Soul laid out on an open palm” type of personality. My interests translate directly into my skills. Music, graphics and 3D are the strongest. Sounds, Soundtracks and web represent my work's input. I am looking forward to what’s next.

I do’s

•   Music and Sound FX
•   Artwork and web
Bonny Baez

Monika Rut

Believe and don’t loose momentum. My day job found its way to extend to leisure hours. Marketing operations, web and marketing copy are all in my hands, for projects at Miharo Games but looks like it will get real busy for me. Fist time in entertainment industry and I am anticipating to learn the whole new world about marketing.

I do’s

•   Marketing
•   Content
•   PR
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