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Coin Soccer

Coin Soccer

GOAL!!! Winning a match is at your fingertips!  SCORE NOW!

Miharo Games presents Coin Soccer, the only soccer game played by flicking coins.  It’s soccer with an air hockey fun to it.

Three coins represent a team of your choice. You need to race them across the field and score goal against defending team’s goalkeeper. Any coin can be turned into the goal-scoring ball. No soccer rules apply in Coin Soccer. Flicking coin between the other two is the only rule that applies.  Are you ready to play? You’ll be pleased with great graphics, game design and sound surrounds transforming each match into an experience of World Cup finale. 
Play against smart A.I or with your friends.  Coin Soccer can be played with nearby devices through blue tooth connectivity.

Coin Soccer deal:

-Difficulty levels from easy to hard
-Props selection:  choose your team’s coin and soccer field’s skin.
-Single Player Mode: against smart A.I.
-Multiplayer options: on the same device or via blue tooth connectivity.
-League scorekeeper: tracks winnings, losses and keeps a tally of total points.

How to Play
Coin Soccer is a turn-based game. It consists of an attack and defense phase. The fist team to score 3 goals wins.

In an attack turn you want to score a goal. Flick a coin to pass between the other two and shoot once close to a goal box.  You have full minute to score. Turn goes to a rival team if you score, a minute has passed without a goal or you make an illegal move.  Not flicking between two other coins is the only illegal move you can make.

In a defense turn you are in control of your team’s goalkeeper. Be fierce and move fast across the goal box to stop the opponent from scoring.

Use a Stick Tool, top left side of the field, to improve your coin flicking precision. Position it on a field and slide a coin against it to bounce it off in an intended direction. Use it to ensure precise slide between to coins. It’s a great when shooting a goal; bounce a coin off it within a close range of goal box for speed and accuracy.

Game Tips

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