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Elliptic Twist

Elliptic Twist

Elliptic Twist it’s a 3D arcade shooter action game. Much like a classic arcade game of asteroids player must destroy space matters and avoid getting killed. Elliptic Twist gets its name from the large magnetic elliptic tray all action takes place in. Player must destroy all objects the Ellipse is a magnet for.

The destruction process is an ongoing battle as objects enter the field from different directions at increasing speed and larger in size as the game progresses. Weapon towers are positions diagonally and shoot inward with ability to move all around the ellipse circumference. Shoot at elements crumble to smaller and smaller pieces until finally disappearing into the space. ET game challenge is to survive by not being in a trajectory of objects entering and bouncing of off Ellipse's boundaries. Ultimate concentration, fast reflexes are required but also make the game exciting and addictive.

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