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Is a system that employs your leisure time to hack codes. It is quite puzzling puzzle game engaging your brain cells, challenging your logic and delivering lots of fun. Enter the world of KLUDGE and grab the spotlight of the greatest hacker!!!

What expect from Kludge

• Fun, Challenge, more Fun
• Cool graphics – complete “KLUDGE” feel
• Video tutorial
• High scores leaderboard and facebook connect
• No special skills or talents required

What you get

Arcade mode → KLUDGE Lite Version → Quick Play
    • Chose from 4 difficulty levels
    • Play custom game: choose code length, numbers range and max. attempts to unlock.
    • Challenge yourself and get bonus points! Get job done faster or in less tries to earn bonus       point. We are not timing your game as there is no time limit but simply counting minutes. No       Pressure ;-)

Career mode → KLUDGE Full Version → fan on top of fun You get arcade mode PLUS
    • Easy, Normal, Hard levels plus INSANE –good luck!!! – earn fame and points
    • Spend your points to buy software and cheats-YES! There is no impossible in hacker’s world.       Unlock digits or buy extra attempts.
    • Your score will be posted on global leaderboard , sign up for “facebook connect” too and show       off your abilities
    • Join KLUDGE Forum and let us know what you think

More about Kludge

Klude is your mainframe computer that finds you a job and the job is to hack. It could be breaching site security, hacking server or email or whatever else you can think of. Each job comes with difficulty level you can pre-select or set. KLUDGE will provide details about a job: specify length of a code, characters range and number of attempts allowed before you get busted. Hacking codes is progressive; faster you do it or in less tries earns you more points. You can trade points to buy special softwares that make unlocking codes, especially those insane ones, a bit easier. All of the above comes with great user interface and cool game graphics.

How to play- intro to basic strategy

Arcade mode and Story mode are slightly different. Arcade is a quick play mode where you choose difficulty level and you immediately start the game. In Story Mode Kludge will specify the length of the code, digit used and number of tries allowed. When playing hard levels we recommend you buy special software before you start so you can use it at any time during game play. Software gives you one of the following: unlocks a digit/s , grants additional guesses. To get it you’ll need to pay with point you have acquired.

Basic strategy consists of 2 steps:
   1. Finding what digits are used.
   2. Finding correct positions.
Hints you get in game play:
  - The numbers that lit on a keypad are the ones possibly used on a code. Remember that a single     digit may be used multiple times within a code.
Kludge keypad

  - Once you enter the proposed code clues will appear underneath each entry:
    Green, orange or no light.
Kludge code color hints
    Green – correct digit in correct position;
    Orange - correct digit but in a wrong place.
    No light - means digit not used in this code.
Kludge game hitn keypad

Let’s get cracking.

Say you’re going easy and you’ve got a 3 digit code XXX. Numbers lit on the keypad include 1,4,5,9. Obviously not all will be used since the code is 3 digits only.
Start by entering single number for each try to determine which of given digits are used. 111- you’ve got one green light.
Kludge game hint 1
So, 1 appears in a code and in the correct position, “correct” part is actually useless here since you all the numbers are same.
Kludge game hint 2
444 - no green or orange light - 4 is not used in this code
Kludge game hint 2
555 - one green We know 1 and 5 appear in the code automatically giving away 9 since it’s a 3 digit code

For easy level you may try entering all possible combinations. But let’s continue to step 2 – finding correct position.

Let’s find correct position for 1. Since 4 is not part of code we can use it as position finder tool.
Kludge game hint 2
Type 144 – orange light – 1 is not in correct position Type 414 – green light- we know #1 belongs in the middle then
Kludge game hint 2
You can continue as above with 5 and 9 using 4 as a position finder. On easy level it’s not so necessary as there are only 2 possible combinations left: 519 or 915.

You’ve just hacked this code!
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