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Tips and Cheats

Elliptic Twist

You can upgrade your weapon up to 3 Levels. Just collect same weapon to upgrade it.

Rockets are more powerful than plasma and plasma is more powerful than laser.

You can get an extra life every 100.000 points.

If you kill a spider, you can collect a 2nd tower power.

If you kill all white spikes, you can collect a shield.

You can shoot faster if you press shooting manualy, instead using auto shoot.

If you keep destroying enemies without dying, your score multiplier goes up.

Shooting the RED color props, they give you nagative effects, such as faster enemies. Be carefull

Bombs can give damage to spiders, white spikes and any Boss in the game.


if you type these in the Custom Search bar you will get free points and software.

Miharo: +100 points
neversaynever : + 250 points
ilovecomics : +500 points
kludgelover: +1 Level 1 Software
HackerMania : +1 Level 1 Software
CalmDown : +1 Level 2 Software