Elliptic Twist has arrived!

Once again we bring you another game. This one is full of action, effects and explosions. Elliptic Twist gets its name from the large magnetic elliptic tray all action takes place in. It's a 3D shooter action game where player must destroy all objects the Ellipse is a magnet for.
To read more about it and play the demo click here.

Sack Sack is out in the App Store

We are proud to anounce the release of Sack Sack. After a couple of months in the development. This farm themed puzzle game is our first release in 2010. We are sure you will have fun collecting veggies with our lovely friend Sack Sack. To start your Sack Sack puzzles click here.

Coin Soccer gets featured in the App Store

Coin Soccer has made its way in to the "New Hot Games"in the App Store on September 15, 2009. Just less than a week after it's release. We are very happy for the support we have gotten in this first week. We hope to bring more soccer matches to your device with the downloads!

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Kludge Leaderboard Live

Our Kludge Leaderboard is live- see who holds “Greatest Hacker Spotlight” here

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